Clarity Fornell is a contemporary weaver, making home goods and fine art in her hometown of Aspen, Colorado. She dreams of using her passion and skills of weaving to fulfill the need for handmade utilitarian items. Giving access to handmade woven products allows the customer to support a craftsperson and also purchase products that have little waste and energy impact on the environment.


Having studied Fiber Arts at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia and Lacoste, France in 2010, Clarity has the training and experience with the end goal of becoming a master weaver. She sets her intention on each item to have an intimate and deep connection with the consumer, which makes one want to take care of the piece and pass it down for generations.


Her works have been featured in publications such as Aspen Peak Magazine, Remodelista, Aspen Times Newspaper and Architectural Digest.